Shitty Robots’ Simone Giertz sent her tumor far away… to Antarctica.

Image: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

It’s been quite the year for “The Queen of Shitty Robots,” Simone Giertz.

The diagnosis and surgery of a non-cancerous brain tumor, and now the return of it, hasn’t made things the easiest for the YouTube star.

While some would want to see the back of their removed tumor, Giertz managed to get a photo of it… in Antarctica. 

After sending it far, far away, Giertz posted the image of the tumor on Twitter, complete with ice shelves in the background. 

The kind act was the result of Ariel Waldman, who went to the continent to study tardigrades, a near-microscopic water dwelling animal found there.

Waldman added on Twitter that she took the tumor down to Antarctica “a couple months ago,” in what is probably the coolest favor ever. 

To help support Giertz’s recovery, fans can help via Patreon.

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