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Looking to advance in your tech career? A Cisco-approved training like this one could help.

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Every millennial with a working knowledge of technology is typically known in their family as a tech genius. Wi-Fi acting funny? All you have to do is reset the router, and everyone thinks you’re the next Steve Jobs. Helped your parents video chat with Aunt Susan? No doubt about it, they’ll automatically assume you’re a prodigy.

Being a pseudo tech whiz feels great when you’re at home, but why not get paid for it? Why not take the time to learn IT and work your way to a heftier paycheck? 

With the Complete Cisco Network Certification Training Bundle, you can learn virtually everything about the world’s leading provider of IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions to forge a career in IT. Plus, you can snag this online learning bundle right now while it’s on sale for $59.

This nine-course instructional package will arm you with the skills to implement and manage Cisco networking systems, as well as provide you with the resources to help you crush the certification exams. You’ll start by learning networking fundamentals, and then jump right into training on how to set up, design, and troubleshoot a wide variety of networks. Once you’ve finished all the courses and earn all the certifications, you’ll already be able to demonstrate complete mastery of a modern computer network and land a solid IT gig. How’s that for being a tech whiz?

Normally retailing for $801, the Complete Cisco Network Certification Training is now on sale for $59 — a savings of 92%.

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